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Please fill in the form below with links to your relevant social media or online portfolio. 


Please also include a short bio (max 500 words) on you as an artist, where you’re based and the media/techniques you use. As with everything in our project, we want this to be informal, fun, accessible, and led by a sense of play so please try to avoid too much International Art English Jargon - we’re more interested in hearing about you, your process, your influences, serendipitous encounters, stories, jokes, and ramblings.

We would also like to stress that doozy isn’t confined to the flat pages of the magazine. Film makers, performance artists, lighting techs, installation artists, Djs, musicians and sculptors are also encouraged to get in contact with us as we’d love to showcase your work with stills, QR codes, and installations at the exhibition launch and in the magazine.


If we think your portfolio submission works well with the ethos of doozy and the brief, we'll contact you with more information on how we can progress your work from submission to exhibition.


The deadline for all applications will be the 10th of January and the exhibition launch will be held at Strangebrew, Bristol on the 23rd of February with an extended simplified exhibition lasting until the 31st of March.


We look forward to your submissions and seeing what incredible ideas you come up with. We hope you can all join us in February as we try to enjoy ourselves while succumbing to the eventual stress, horror and masochistic bliss that comes with planning an event and exhibition.

Thanks for submitting!

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