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Doozy is an experimental magazine and events series founded 2022 in Bristol, UK.


Dedicated to publishing under-represented and under-appreciated art from emerging creatives. We host parties, events and exhibitions that provide a space of refuge for art, not content.

Born out of a frustration with the self satisfied seriousness and inaccessibility of the mainstream art-world, we want to create zines and exhibitions that offer both exposure and advice to an emerging generation of artists, writers, and creatives. In a climate fuelled by the need for an ever more algorithmically acceptable and polished stream of content, we want to draw back the curtain and encourage the importance of failure, play and silliness within the creative process as an antidote to the dry seriousness and philosophical headiness of the contemporary arts and culture world. 

Our vision can be summed up like this:

We want to...

1. Create an eye opening, visually stunning magazine filled with artists work that also features useful articles and information for creatives looking to break into the world of arts and culture. 

2. Throw entertaining and accessible multimedia events.

3. Explore and emphasise the importance of play, silliness, fun, humour, and absurdity as both a creative process and as a curatorial/editorial methodology.

4. Connect emerging and under-represented artists with a community of potential collaborators, curators, and buyers.

5. Democratise information and industry knowledge in the creative professions to help those seeking to enter the industry.

For our first event and exhibition, we want to seek out and find a home for unrealised passion projects. Entitled 'Salon Des Refusés' in homage to the famously influential exhibition of radical and hugely influential artists that broke away from social convention, we want to showcase visual arts, writing, and site specific artworks that lie outside of industry or academic boundaries. We want your USB refugees, the neglected, unfinished, too wacky for work, the high-streets or insta kind of projects - the strange, silly, bizzare b-sides that didn’t make it out the studio or notes file. We will also be firmly encouraging works that celebrate irreverence, silliness, mischief and general naughtiness.

If you have any questions or want to get involved with the Doozy production team please email us at:

If you wish to be featured in DOOZY magazine and the have the opportunity to sell and exhibit your work at the launch party please look over the artist brief here and apply through our submissions page here.

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