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In an increasingly bizarre world, it’s easy to get caught up in absurdity. Either satirical or serious, rarely do you see the creative industry celebrate silliness for silliness's own sake. DOOZY magazine will be an invitation to smile, and we want submissions to follow this ethos.  We want to build a platform for creatives to showcase their most eccentric, experimental, and unconventional work and whilst getting a chance to immerse themselves within a vibrant community of emerging artists, writers and designers.

We want to be a home for your unrealised passion projects and all those ‘not safe for work’ ideas. The USB fugitives, too weird for the shops, the high-streets and portfolio kind of projects - the strange, silly booky batshit b-sides that you always wanted to make but could never find a home for. Irreverence, silliness, risky content, creative mischief and general naughtiness are all firmly recommended and encouraged.


Examples of work could be…


Ambient soundscapes, unrecognisable paintings, silly illustrations, strange photography, seizure inducing lighting installations, fake or unrealised advertisements, horrifying yet somehow ethereally beautiful performance art, unbuilt or impossible works of architecture, curiously phallic sculpture,  surreal short films, dodgy objects, naughty short stories, poetry that makes you weak at the knees, mind bending graphic design, obscure plays, a life sized sculpture made of bread, painfully awkward interviews, comedic articles, tapestries, collage and everything in between!


Pure untethered creative expression is at the heart of doozy’s ethos, we want to give artists the freedom to create without the need for a grand narrative, message or final goal. This piece of work should be an exciting chance to revel in the weird, obscure, recesses of your beautiful messed up little minds and most importantly have fun throughout the process. 


We are working with a grassroots arts organisation in Bristol (People’s Republic of Stokes Croft) to handprint around 1000 copies of our magazine. We will have them printed by February in preparation for our launch event at Strangebrew, Bristol on the 23rd of February with an extended simplified exhibition lasting until the 31st of March.


The doozy launch event will be an exhibition of artist submissions loosely based on the famously influential 1863 exhibition 'Salon Des Refusés' that brought together French artists rejected by the restrictive academic standards of the 'Paris Salon'. This project is about creating opportunities for new, underrepresented artists and provide a platform to exhibit and sell their work, all profits made from sold works at the exhibition and through the online shop will go straight to the artists.


Adam Lexar

Adam Lexar

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