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In contemporary society, lore is everywhere, whilst also seemingly absent on a large scale. In older times, lores of the land, or of folk, myth, history, culture, and family would have affected every element of life. Internet lore, gaming lore, folklore, all the way to the innumerable niches of personal, familial, and social lore govern our lives.


We want you to take the theme loosely, and prioritise work that resonates with you, your practice, and that you want to show. In a looser sense, we’re interested in the magic(k) potential of art to conjure alternate, parallel realities into our own with their own secrets, wisdoms, symbols, lore, and ecology. We want to offer space for artists to exhibit, perform, and manifest their own lore within one symbiotically supportive ecosystem of lore, art and collaged experience.


Each industry, especially the creative industries, have their own lore - bundles of slowly accumulated information and skills specific to their own world. In a way, as one learns the ‘lore’ of a community or an industry, one becomes integrated into that same community. Part of this project is to do with accumulating wisdom or lore surrounding music, arts, and culture industries, and make them accessible via our magazine for any aspiring creatives looking to forge their own path into the creative industries.


Glossary of Themes:

World Building, Fantasia, Folklore (Post-truth), Storytelling, Mythos, Tales of…, Cult, Occult, Secret Society, Secret/Hidden Knowledge/Confidentiality (power structures of knowledge - privileged knowledges), Discordianism (?) - explain, Cosmicalia, Speculative zoology, Magick, Esotericism/Esoteric Knowledge, Lost Wisdom, Hermeneutics (to do with translation), Zeitgeist, Theosophy, Prehistory, Posthistory, Abstractism, Ecologies of Narrative, The Supernatural.

Types of Art (we accept/are looking for):

Painting, Digital Art, Illustration/Graphic Design, Sculpture, Film, Fashion, Video Games, Multimedia Art, Installation, Performance, Ceramics, 'Craft', jewellery, wearable art etc, Interactive Art, Participatory Art, Ecological Art, Land Art, Biological art, Storytelling, Sound Art.

Art History (things we are influenced by):

Digital Art, Surrealism, Symbolism, Video Games, Institutional Critique, Land Art, Ecological Art.



To join please fill in the google form in the link below. As with everything in our project, we want this to be informal, fun, accessible, and led by a sense of play so please try to avoid too much Art English Jargon - we’re more interested in hearing about you, your process, your influences, serendipitous encounters, stories and ramblings.

If you would like to make a written submission please look through our new project Doozy Reads. We will post our favourites on the Doozy Blog and the very best will end up in coveted print inside the Doozy Magazine.

If we think your portfolio submission works well with the ethos of doozy and the brief, we'll contact you with more information on how we can progress your work from submission to exhibition.

The deadline for all applications will be the 15th of November and the exhibition launch will be held at Strange Brew, Bristol from the 25th of January to the 31st of March.


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