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This time round, we’re welcoming your doormat-dwelling daydreams not only in visual form but also in the written mode. 


Just like our artists’ space, Doozy Reads is a world where all the weirdest words that tumble into your notes app, or Twitter drafts, or notebooks damned to the shame-consuming flames, can actually hop around freely and engage with others just like them – all kindred in their grotesque, amateurish, and ultimately silly nature.


Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, you will have a story to tell. Maybe you encountered something strange out in the real world. You might have gone to the supermarket and noticed a man angrily scribbling on the cereal boxes, and when you looked closely at it, it said, “Does this look like crying to you?” What could this mean? you think. Well, it might just be the first line of your poem.


Perhaps you went to a fast-food restaurant and upon receiving your receipt you noticed some scribblings on the back. “These are the co-ordinates for the mattress wars.” Probably not the best idea to follow through with that. But you could imagine where it goes in a short story, chortling from the safety of a warm armchair. 


Maybe you came across a woman with flutes for eyes in a feverish dream. She played you the most beautiful song you ever heard and it crushed you like dried lavender, left you wandering the streets late at night whistling but never perfecting those magical melodies. A frustrating experience. You won’t ever be as virtuosic as that flute-eyed dream mutant, but you do have words to play with. Endless words, always at your disposal.  


We’re here to read your words. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever. Articles about daily life, or the artist’s experience, philosophical musings – feel free to submit them.


Doozy is a haven for the absurd and imaginative and fun. We will post our favourites on the Doozy Blog and the very best will end up in coveted print inside the Doozy Magazine.

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